Danny Elwes - Picture by Peter Rand
Picture by Peter Rand

Self promotion is not something that comes easily to someone who has spent most of his life behind the lens but times change and needs must.

To give you a little bit of background on myself I have been a photographer most of my working life, starting on the local bi-weekly Burnley Express and moving on to freelance in Fleet Street for the Daily Mail, the Mirror and eventually finding my niche as a features photographer on the London Evening Standard.

One of my duties was to do the photographs for the restaurant column written by food critic Fay Maschler. (I have always really credited her as the one who bought the Chefs out from the kitchen into the limelight) Over the years I have seen the London restaurant scene develop and change, one of the most challenging things for me was to keep changing the images each week so they didn’t get too repetitive! Some of the Chefs that I photographed in my career have become major TV chefs and household names.

As a freelance I also worked and do still work for many restaurants and boutique hotels, taking the photographs for their publicity and websites.

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